Zanzistar Lodge

The Beach BAR

ENJOY the best view of the turquoise Indian Ocean

50 m away from our LODGE,  crossing the local road, you will find  ZANZISTAR BEACH BAR.

In front of the unspoiled and amazing lagoon, enjoy the white sand beach,

look at the kite surfers, go for a swim and share a football game at sunset.

EVERY DAY we organise a BBQ at lunch time, fresh catch of the day or

chicken skewers with our  special « Belgian French Fries »

& the SECRET sauce.

Other fresh bites for vegetarian and vegan also.

NO SHOES atmosphere in our  « Bohochic » Beach Bar,

we created a cool spot and wish to share this pleasure with our guests.

ADDICTIVE JUICES or COCKTAILS with your feet in the water…